3 Perfect Amazon Listings Every Seller Should Model

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What do perfect Amazon listings look like? For many new sellers, an optimized product listing on Amazon may be hard to imagine if they don’t know what to look for. We have found three great examples of expertly crafted Amazon product listings that demonstrate listing optimization you can strive to replicate. The Secret to Perfect […]

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5 Costly Amazon Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

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Are you are ready to ship your product to Amazon or another storage facility? If so, here are 5 major Amazon shipping mistakes that can end up costing you much more than just money. Many Amazon FBA sellers are not sure what to do when it comes to shipping products from their suppliers into Amazon. […]

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The Ultimate Product Research Amazon Guide

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Discover your next winning product to sell on Amazon Whether you are a new seller on Amazon or an experienced seller in need of a refresher, doing Amazon product research correctly is crucial to finding the right product that can become the top seller in your niche. To help you out, we’ve created The Ultimate […]

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BIG Amazon News: Black Friday 2018 Deadline & Amazing FBA Deal!

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Amazon made some big announcements this weekend, including things about Black Friday 2018, Cyber Monday 2018, and special promotional deal Amazon is offering to sellers with new products during this holiday season! Deadlines for Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2018 Are you gearing up for Black Friday 2018 sales yet? Q4 often brings the most lucrative time […]

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The Best Amazon Profitability Calculator

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The Helium 10 Chrome Extension has a new Amazon tool – the Amazon Profitability Calculator! This innovation from Helium 10 gives you the power to see how profitable a particular product would be at a glance if you sold it. Check out details like product dimensions, FBA storage fees, margin percentages, and more! Check out […]

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Compare Competitor Keywords for More Accurate Results

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Cerebro has been vastly improved to make your keyword research efforts much easier by adding the option to compare competitor keywords to your own ASIN! We’ve been tinkering with Cerebro, our popular reverse ASIN lookup tool in the Helium 10 suite and have added a feature that we know you will love! With the new […]

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Don’t Miss the First-Ever Helium 10 User Social!

Helium 10 User Social

To celebrate our growing pool of Helium 10 members, we will be hosting the premiere Helium 10 User Social! Manny and Guillermo are throwing a big bash to show their appreciation for the Helium 10 users and Amazon game-changers out there, and you are their guests of honor! There will be FREE food, drinks, and […]

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How Crucial is Amazon Search Data for Acquiring Better Keywords?

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Just how important is it for sellers to gather relevant Amazon search data? These days, big software companies are valued by the quality and amount of data they collect and use. While this can be misused (*cough* Mr. Zuckerberg *cough*) it also allows these companies to provide an incredible amount of valuable data to its […]

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4 Steps to Find the Best Amazon Supplier for Your Private Label Business

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You’ve selected a private label product niche, and now it’s time to find the best Amazon supplier that suits your private label business’ needs. To make your product idea come to life, finding a suitable Amazon supplier that fits your product type and is open to forming a lasting work relationship is critical to your […]

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Skyrocket Your Amazon Conversion Rate with Targeted Keywords

Amazon conversion rate

Improving your Amazon conversion rate for products in your storefront can be a daunting task, but an easy way to get more sales is finding and targeting the right keywords on your listings. Keywords are very important with anything that you do on the Internet because everyone uses them as they are searching for what […]

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