Chinese New Year Can Delay Amazon Fulfillment Orders, So Be Ready

Chinese new year

Don’t let Chinese New Year creep up on you! Your Amazon fulfillment shipping schedule will be affected by the Chinese holiday, but there is a way around the nation’s holiday shutdown. For those of us outside of Asia, we don’t quite understand the cultural significance surrounding Chinese New Year (a.k.a. Lunar New Year or the […]

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How I got back $5,278.25 from Amazon in 48 Hours

helium 10 refund genie

If you’re selling products on Amazon through the FBA program, there is a good chance you are owed money. If you are selling a lot of products every month, there is a good chance that Amazon owes you thousands of dollars in unpaid reimbursement payments. […]

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Amazon’s Customer Review Creation Guidelines Change Again! Learn What This Means for Amazon Private Label Sellers

Amazon Customer Review Creation Guidelines

Fake Amazon reviews are a nuisance for sellers, consumers and Amazon. Not only do they blatantly ignore the company’s Terms of Use, but they also damage the value of genuine reviews and mislead consumers. Discover what the new Amazon review guidelines mean for private label sellers. […]

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