How Will Trump Tariffs Affect Dropshippers & Amazon Sellers?

amazon sellers

The US trade war with China may change the playing field for dropshippers and Amazon sellers alike, but how? The White House appears to be doubling down on enforcing more tariffs in the growing US trade war with China. On the heels of the announcement that the United States would be imposing tariffs on $200 […]

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Are You Violating the TOS to Get Amazon Reviews?

amazon reviews

While getting Amazon reviews for your product listing is excellent, HOW you get them may get you in major trouble with Amazon. Amazon often updates its Terms of Service to reflect the feedback it receives about people are using its tools and functions. A special focus has been placed on rooting out and getting rid […]

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How to Improve Conversions with Pickfu A/B Testing Tool

pickfu a/b testing tool

You may be wondering, “Why do I need to an A/B testing tool like Pickfu?” Most new (and some experienced) sellers may not realize just how critical having a high-definition, professional-looking thumbnail image is for conversions on Amazon. Even if your product is superior to your competitors and you have chosen the right keywords to […]

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How to Do a New Product Launch the RIGHT WAY!

new product launch

Do product launches work anymore? In case you were wondering—Yes, they do. Just be sure to avoid these common pitfalls that can stifle your product launch efforts. There has been a lot of talks lately about how product launches don’t seem to help get new products ranked to page one, but there is also plenty […]

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How I Generated $39K in 4 Days with 2 New Amazon Products

amazon products

Hey there, Amazon sellers! Manny Coats here with an incredible Black Friday-Cyber Monday story that you won’t believe. I want to share how I generated over $19,940 on two new Amazon products that I just launched, with a profit of $7,602—and I did it over Thanksgiving weekend. That’s $7,602 in PROFIT in 3 days (from […]

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How to Set Up Facebook Offers To Distribute Amazon Single-Use Coupon Codes

amazon coupon codes

Discover the steps to building Facebook Offers to send *ready to buy* customers from Facebook to your Amazon product listing. Did you know that you could increase your Amazon sales exponentially through something as simple as creating Facebook offers for your product? Howdoes this fit in with Helium 10? You’ve watched how Manny uses Helium […]

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Chinese New Year Can Delay Amazon Fulfillment Orders, So Be Ready

Chinese new year

Don’t let Chinese New Year creep up on you! Your Amazon fulfillment shipping schedule will be affected by the Chinese holiday, but there is a way around the nation’s holiday shutdown. For those of us outside of Asia, we don’t quite understand the cultural significance surrounding Chinese New Year (a.k.a. Lunar New Year or the […]

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Amazon Video Feature Beta Comes to Seller Central

amazon fba

An Amazon video feature has been released in beta to a selected group that allows 3rd party sellers to add video content to product listings, and will possibly be released en masse soon. Great news for Amazon sellers who have always wanted an Amazon video feature! Sellers will finally be able to post promotional videos […]

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How To Get Paid Faster on Amazon and Beat the 2 Week Wait

how to get paid from amazon

Unless you’re in one of those ‘grandfathered’ accounts, you’re probably stuck waiting two weeks to get paid by Amazon. With this new program you can now get paid every day for your Amazon sales. […]

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