5 Costly Facebook Ads Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

facebook ads mistakes

  Everyone’s talking about Facebook ads these days and for good reason. Facebook is possibly one of the most powerful advertising tools ever created; but like any marketing strategy, Facebook ads mistakes can have dire consequences on your campaign as well as your wallet. Why do some Amazon sellers use Facebook ads to crush product […]

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Trademark Assignment: Can You Buy Someone Else’s Trademark?

trademark assignment

Obtaining someone else’s existing trademark, or trademark assignment, can be a tricky business unless you know how to go about doing it. Trademark registration is not something that can be completed within a short time. It requires patience because it takes a significant amount of time to finish. Of course, no one likes to wait […]

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Amazon Private Labels Expected to Grow Dramatically in 2018

amazon private label

For well over a decade, sellers have enjoyed using Amazon as a platform to get their products into customer’ hands, and cash into their bank accounts. However, as an ambitious entity, Amazon private labels are expanding rapidly. This expansion begs the question: are you competing with other sellers? Or are you competing with Amazon itself? […]

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Pricing Amazon Products: How to Set Your Listing Up for Profitability

amazon pricing

What is the “Goldilocks zone” for pricing Amazon products? Do you find pricing Amazon products difficult? Without knowing it, could your pricing strategy be costing you sales? According to a study published in a Harvard Business Review by Michael Marn and Robert Rosiello, the answer is: absolutely. In this study, pricing experts at McKinsey and […]

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4 Reasons Why Private Label Sellers Should Get Very, Very Excited About Amazon’s Brand Gating / Restriction Rollout

amazon brand gating

You’ve likely heard the rumblings throughout Amazon seller communities by now. Amazon appears to be proactively rolling out “brand restrictions” across its platform for private label sellers. While this could mean bad news for online and retail arbitrage sellers, it’s just additional ammunition in the private label seller’s arsenal in kicking counterfeit sellers to the curb. […]

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