Brand Gating is HERE! – Stop ALL Other Sellers Permanently

amazon brand gating

Breaking News: Amazon appears to be rolling out something called “Brand Gating” for us little guys. There’s a common misconception that Brand Gating is only for these big brands, or that one must have some special contract or relationship with Amazon to get your Brand Gated. […]

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Amazon Closes Its Doors to New FBA Sellers

Amazon FBA blocked

High profile individuals with sources at Amazon say the giant online retailer is expected to close the Fulfillment By Amazon program to new sellers during the Q4, 2016 period.

New sellers who have not yet sent in their first shipment to Amazon will not be able to do so until January 2017. This latest move by Amazon will leave many hopefuls on the sidelines as other previously-established FBA sellers fight for those coveted Q4 sales. […]

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3 Million Amazon Sellers In Shock As Amazon Announces Review Services are Now Banned!

Review Services Banned

It seems the online shopping giant is really on a roll where its review criteria is concerned. In the last 24 hours, yet another significant change to their review guidelines has been announced. […]

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