Episode 15 – Get More Customer Reviews by Creating Hype Off Amazon

reviews on amazon, increase amazon reviews, serious sellers podcast, helium 10

Every Amazon seller wants more reviews for their products, but many of the traditional “hacks” for early reviews at or before a product launch are now against Amazon’s Terms of Service. However, many sellers, like today’s guest, have found remarkable opportunities to drum up early demand for their products on channels outside of Amazon. Social […]

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How to Provide Good Amazon TOS Compliant Customer Service

When your Amazon listing seems evenly matched with your competitors, excellent customer service can be the deciding factor. However, Amazon has taken more control over customer service tasks on its platform, sometimes barring sellers from communicating directly with customers through Amazon channels. Staying compliant with Amazon Terms of Service (TOS) has never been more critical […]

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My Amazon Seller Account Suspended Over a Review? Seriously?!

seller account suspended

Amazon seems to have had enough with a recent trend of fake and incentivized reviews, and they seem to be totally determined to make sure consumers can trust the reviews posted on their marketplace. Multiple Amazon sellers have reported receiving an email with a very stern warning… […]

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