Use the Powerful Amazon Keyword Tool Combo Cerebro and Frankenstein for Creating Effective Lists

amazon keyword tool

Amazon sellers can create a more precise list of search terms using Cerebro and Frankenstein, Helium 10’s Amazon keyword tool combo. The challenge to find the most relevant keywords is at the forefront of what Amazon sellers need to compete, and Helium 10 has created a killer Amazon keyword tool combo to help sellers create powerful […]

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Amazon Advanced Search: Exclude Irrelevant Phrases in Magnet

amazon advanced search

An Amazon advanced search for keywords in Magnet 2.0 using the “EXCLUDE PHRASES THAT CONTAIN” filter lets you remove unwanted phrases from your results for more desirable keywords. Keywords are the most critical piece of the puzzle for sellers and Amazon advanced search tools are used to find these particular terms. Helium 10’s reverse Amazon […]

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5 Amazon URLs Sellers MUST Know to Grow Their Business

amazon urls to grow business

Using unique Amazon URLs to drive external traffic to your product and brand can make all the difference in your Amazon business. Offering customers specific links to click through compelling ads on social media, for instance, leads them directly to your listing. This increases your chance of making a sale. The more sales you get, […]

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