6 Steps To Getting Started Selling On Amazon

Congratulations on your decision to become an Amazon seller! Selling private label products on Amazon can be very exciting, but it can also be confusing. AND it’s not uncommon for new sellers to feel incredibly lost when they first start, especially with important decisions like choosing an initial product to begin selling with. Plus, if […]

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Best Books for Amazon Sellers: The MUST Reads for 2019

best books for amazon sellers

  2019 is here, and we have compiled the best books for Amazon sellers to read this year to energize your Amazon business! Whether or not 2018 was your best year yet selling on Amazon, there is always room for improvement. Of course, being successful isn’t just about choosing the right product with the right […]

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How Will Trump Tariffs Affect Dropshippers & Amazon Sellers?

amazon sellers

The US trade war with China may change the playing field for dropshippers and Amazon sellers alike, but how? The White House appears to be doubling down on enforcing more tariffs in the growing US trade war with China. On the heels of the announcement that the United States would be imposing tariffs on $200 […]

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How to Create a Powerful Amazon Target Market Customer Avatar

amazon target market

Once you’ve chosen a product to sell on Amazon, your next major challenge will be identifying the right Amazon target market by creating a customer avatar. Knowing WHO is most likely to buy your product can help you to determine many aspects of your marketing strategy, including the following ten demographic indicators: Age Gender Geographic […]

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Product Differentiation and the Pitfall of Viral Products

viral products

Lack of product differentiation through viral products gives “jumping on the bandwagon” a new layer of complexity for Amazon sellers. Wanting to ride the coattails of viral products that are trending can sound like a great opportunity for quick sales, but the lack of product differentiation can put you at a major disadvantage. To succeed on Amazon, […]

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Don’t Miss the First-Ever Helium 10 User Social!

Helium 10 User Social

To celebrate our growing pool of Helium 10 members, we will be hosting the premiere Helium 10 User Social! Manny and Guillermo are throwing a big bash to show their appreciation for the Helium 10 users and Amazon game-changers out there, and you are their guests of honor! There will be FREE food, drinks, and […]

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Top 6 Platforms for Multi-Channel E-commerce Growth

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Use a multi-channel e-commerce strategy to sell your products not only on Amazon but also your own website and more! Have you dominated your product niche on Amazon and want to expand your sales to a multi-channel e-commerce strategy? By increasing the number of platforms that offer your Amazon product, you can increase your brand’s […]

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