Why Amazon Lightning Deals Are Essential to Black Friday Profits

amazon lightning deals

Is your product eligible for money-making Amazon Lightning Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Whether the occasion is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or Prime Day, Amazon Lightning Deals have become a new way for sellers to feature their product during the biggest sales days of the year. Customers can see a Lightning Deal […]

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See Amazon Product Listings in Color for Better Optimization – Scribbles

amazon listing optimization

Helium 10 has upgraded its Amazon Listing Optimization tool, Scribbles, for an improved, colorful, and more personalized experience. Scribbles was the very first tool created by Helium 10 to assist Manny Coats in creating his Amazon listings so he never missed a juicy keyword to add in for optimization. Years later, Helium 10 has exploded […]

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Are You Violating the TOS to Get Amazon Reviews?

amazon reviews

While getting Amazon reviews for your product listing is excellent, HOW you get them may get you in major trouble with Amazon. Amazon often updates its Terms of Service to reflect the feedback it receives about people are using its tools and functions. A special focus has been placed on rooting out and getting rid […]

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How to Find Massive Growth Opportunities in Amazon Seller Reports

amazon seller reports

You could be missing out on tremendous opportunities to grow your sales if you don’t use metrics found in Amazon seller reports. Growing on Amazon is a challenge for every seller – but there could be growth opportunities right in front of your eyes via the Amazon seller reports. Every seller should be familiar with […]

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BIG Amazon News: Black Friday 2018 Deadline & Amazing FBA Deal!

amazon news

Amazon made some big announcements this weekend, including things about Black Friday 2018, Cyber Monday 2018, and special promotional deal Amazon is offering to sellers with new products during this holiday season! Deadlines for Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2018 Are you gearing up for Black Friday 2018 sales yet? Q4 often brings the most lucrative time […]

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How to Do a New Product Launch the RIGHT WAY!

new product launch

Do product launches work anymore? In case you were wondering—Yes, they do. Just be sure to avoid these common pitfalls that can stifle your product launch efforts. There has been a lot of talks lately about how product launches don’t seem to help get new products ranked to page one, but there is also plenty […]

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Amazon FBA in 2018: What Sellers Should Know

fulfillment by amazon

Every year there are new opportunities, new challenges, and new costs, and Amazon FBA in 2018 is no exception. With 2018 now in full swing, let’s talk about what is coming this year for Amazon, including the most substantial FBA fee increase to date. How will these changes affect your business? More importantly, what can […]

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Removing the Mystery of the Amazon Algorithm: Part 2 with Tips to Improve Your Listings

improve amazon listing

Common sense tips to help the Amazon algorithm drive traffic to your products. In a recent post for the Helium 10 blog, we took a look at the not-so-mysterious Amazon algorithm because many sellers mistakenly blame the “capricious coding” for their respective sales variances and underperformance. The reality is that various iterations of the Amazon […]

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Amazon Video Feature Beta Comes to Seller Central

amazon fba

An Amazon video feature has been released in beta to a selected group that allows 3rd party sellers to add video content to product listings, and will possibly be released en masse soon. Great news for Amazon sellers who have always wanted an Amazon video feature! Sellers will finally be able to post promotional videos […]

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