Episode 7 – Brand Analytics, Search Volume Estimates, and How We Create Helium 10 Tools

Amazon brand analytics, Amazon search volume estimates, serious sellers podcast, helium 10, brand analysis, keyword search volume

Learn more about how Helium 10 tools work, find out how your feedback can help us to continually improve our tools, and get an insider’s preview of exciting 2019 updates in our first Tech Talk with Bojan, Helium 10’s Chief Technology Officer! In this new style of the podcast, we discuss more of the technical […]

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Profits: How to Accurately Track Your Amazon Finances

profits-track your amazon finances

Just like any other business, Amazon sellers need to keep track of their overall finances, and Profits can make the whole process much easier. There are multiple elements that a seller must account for when running an Amazon business, including sales, costs, profits, inventory management, logistics, and more. If you don’t have your own employees […]

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How to Find Massive Growth Opportunities in Amazon Seller Reports

amazon seller reports

You could be missing out on tremendous opportunities to grow your sales if you don’t use metrics found in Amazon seller reports. Growing on Amazon is a challenge for every seller – but there could be growth opportunities right in front of your eyes via the Amazon seller reports. Every seller should be familiar with […]

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How to Assess True Amazon Revenue with Profits – New Helium 10 Tool

helium 10 profits

Helium 10 has a new tool available in beta to help you calculate your Amazon revenue and expenses over time: Profits! The Profits tool shows a variety of analytics that gives users a look at their Amazon business’ financial status in one place. Find out where your money is coming and going with this all-in-one tool […]

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