Episode 15 – Get More Customer Reviews by Creating Hype Off Amazon

reviews on amazon, increase amazon reviews, serious sellers podcast, helium 10

Every Amazon seller wants more reviews for their products, but many of the traditional “hacks” for early reviews at or before a product launch are now against Amazon’s Terms of Service. However, many sellers, like today’s guest, have found remarkable opportunities to drum up early demand for their products on channels outside of Amazon. Social […]

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Episode 10 – How Studying Competitor Amazon Reviews Can Reveal Valuable Customer Insight

competitors Amazon reviews for customer insights

Find out how meticulously studying competitor Amazon reviews, both good AND bad, can uncover significant customer insights that you can use to create a listing that engages potential buyers and develop a product that is better than your competition’s product! In the competitive Amazon landscape, sellers need every edge they can get to attract customers […]

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Episode 8 – How to Break into the Amazon US Marketplace as a Non-US Citizen with Richard Greenup

Amazon Global Selling, serious sellers podcast, helium 10, bradley sutton, richard greenup

Learn how Australian native Richard Greenup became a 7-figure seller in the American Amazon marketplace and his advice for international sellers wanting to expand into the US market! Helium 10’s Success Manager Bradley Sutton and Richard have been friends for a few years now, having met in the ZonSquad (now called Brand Owners by SixLeaf) […]

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3 Perfect Amazon Listings Every Seller Should Model

amazon listing

What do perfect Amazon listings look like? For many new sellers, an optimized product listing on Amazon may be hard to imagine if they don’t know what to look for. We have found three great examples of expertly crafted Amazon product listings that demonstrate listing optimization you can strive to replicate. The Secret to Perfect […]

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Are You Violating the TOS to Get Amazon Reviews?

amazon reviews

While getting Amazon reviews for your product listing is excellent, HOW you get them may get you in major trouble with Amazon. Amazon often updates its Terms of Service to reflect the feedback it receives about people are using its tools and functions. A special focus has been placed on rooting out and getting rid […]

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3 Million Amazon Sellers In Shock As Amazon Announces Review Services are Now Banned!

Review Services Banned

It seems the online shopping giant is really on a roll where its review criteria is concerned. In the last 24 hours, yet another significant change to their review guidelines has been announced. […]

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Amazon’s Customer Review Creation Guidelines Change Again! Learn What This Means for Amazon Private Label Sellers

Amazon Customer Review Creation Guidelines

Fake Amazon reviews are a nuisance for sellers, consumers and Amazon. Not only do they blatantly ignore the company’s Terms of Use, but they also damage the value of genuine reviews and mislead consumers. Discover what the new Amazon review guidelines mean for private label sellers. […]

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