Keyword Product Launches in Q4 2018: What’s Changed?

Keyword Product Launches

If you guys have been following along with my other blogs, you’ll know that changes have been taking place on Amazon in terms of keywords and performing keyword launches. If you weren’t aware, Amazon will be restricting access to their search volume numbers for keywords. In my first blog, I talked about the glory days […]

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Did Changes to Amazon Keywords Affect Product Launches?

product launches based on keywords

From August to October 2018, things started getting strange in the realm of performing product launches based on keywords.   Up until August, you could give me any combination of products with keywords and I could give you a realistic giveaway strategy. I would tell you how many giveaways I would need to sell over […]

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10 Deadly Product Launch Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

product launch mistakes

  If you think you’ve done everything you can to prepare your Amazon product listing to become live, there are still many product launch mistakes that can prevent your item from attaining higher ranking. Even if you have launched products on Amazon before, ensuring that you have completely optimized everything about your product launch BEFORE […]

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Was Product Launch Strategy Easier in the Old Days?

product launch strategy

Over the last few years, I have striven to find the perfect product launch strategy, and I must say that ranking a product to the top used to be easier. I am a self proclaimed data junkie. Before I came onboard here at Helium 10, I worked for a number of different brands to help […]

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The Status of Amazon Product Launches: Are They Valid?

amazon product launch

There is a lot of confusion and disinformation going around the Amazon seller community regarding the use of product launches. There are many that claim product launches are one or more of the following: Against Amazon Terms of Service Ineffective at ranking products quickly on Amazon Pure rank manipulation Many critics of the system may […]

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How to Track an Amazon Coupon Code After a Product Launch

amazon coupon code

Before we get started talking about tracking any Amazon coupon code, I’d like to ask you a question… Do you know how many people who claimed a coupon code during your Amazon product launch or promotion actually used the coupon to make a purchase? If not, then today I’m going to show you how to find that […]

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How to Rank a Product to Number 1 on Amazon – Cerebro Product Rank Formula

how to rank on amazon

What you’re about to learn in the following video is not revolutionary.  The Cerebro Product Ranking formula (CPR) is a spin on a common practice, but the HUGE benefit is that it leverages the highly accurate search volume data that Cerebro, Helium 10’s new reverse ASIN lookup tool provides. […]

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