Episode 6 – Former Office Assistant Becomes Amazon Superstar Mentor in Just 1 Year!

Amazon superstar mentor - seller podcast

How do you go from being a regular everyday office assistant to crushing it on Amazon by selling over $ 200,000 in just one year? Tamara, a 6-figure Amazon seller who also mentors new sellers, started off in the financial world. After a layoff in 2017, she became a major player on Amazon with only […]

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Episode 2 – Top Underrated Strategies to Boost Amazon Sales in 2019 with Kevin King

Top Underrated Strategies to Boost Amazon Sales in 2019

2018 is over…and WOW, what a wild year it was for Amazon sellers! Now that 2019 is in full swing, sellers need to adapt to the major changes that were implemented by Amazon in 2018. However, 8-figure Amazon seller and founder of Freedom Ticket Kevin King has a few tricks up his sleeve that has […]

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Amazon Advertising: 7 Powerful Marketing Options for Sellers

amazon advertising

  If you have yet to utilize the services offered by Amazon Advertising, you are missing out on some great opportunities to grow your product’s awareness within your product niche and beyond. For some time, Amazon has offered PPC ads on its own site for sellers willing to bid more than their competitors for prime […]

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