Episode 10 – How Studying Competitor Amazon Reviews Can Reveal Valuable Customer Insight

competitors Amazon reviews for customer insights

Find out how meticulously studying competitor Amazon reviews, both good AND bad, can uncover significant customer insights that you can use to create a listing that engages potential buyers and develop a product that is better than your competition’s product! In the competitive Amazon landscape, sellers need every edge they can get to attract customers […]

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Episode 5 – Game-Changing Amazon Listing Techniques for Keyword Research with Tomer

Game-Changing Amazon Listing Techniques for Keyword Research

Finally, a fresh look at efficient keyword research! Today’s podcast guest will blow your mind with his emphasis on using your competitors to do effective keyword research. In this podcast, Bradley interviews Tomer, a highly successful seller from Israel who co-founded TopDogSummit.com and has cracked the code for finding the most effective keywords to use […]

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3 Perfect Amazon Listings Every Seller Should Model

amazon listing

What do perfect Amazon listings look like? For many new sellers, an optimized product listing on Amazon may be hard to imagine if they don’t know what to look for. We have found three great examples of expertly crafted Amazon product listings that demonstrate listing optimization you can strive to replicate. The Secret to Perfect […]

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How to Perfectly Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing

optimize amazon listing

  What are the keys to perfectly crafting a stellar Amazon product listing? Do you have doubts about your listing quality? To be honest, one of the most important questions you can ask is: “Would you buy your own product if it were on page 1 next to all your strongest competitors?” Actually, there’s a […]

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Why Amazon Lightning Deals Are Essential to Black Friday Profits

amazon lightning deals

Is your product eligible for money-making Amazon Lightning Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Whether the occasion is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or Prime Day, Amazon Lightning Deals have become a new way for sellers to feature their product during the biggest sales days of the year. Customers can see a Lightning Deal […]

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See Amazon Product Listings in Color for Better Optimization – Scribbles

amazon listing optimization

Helium 10 has upgraded its Amazon Listing Optimization tool, Scribbles, for an improved, colorful, and more personalized experience. Scribbles was the very first tool created by Helium 10 to assist Manny Coats in creating his Amazon listings so he never missed a juicy keyword to add in for optimization. Years later, Helium 10 has exploded […]

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How to Improve Conversions with Pickfu A/B Testing Tool

pickfu a/b testing tool

You may be wondering, “Why do I need to an A/B testing tool like Pickfu?” Most new (and some experienced) sellers may not realize just how critical having a high-definition, professional-looking thumbnail image is for conversions on Amazon. Even if your product is superior to your competitors and you have chosen the right keywords to […]

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Skyrocket Your Amazon Conversion Rate with Targeted Keywords

Amazon conversion rate

Improving your Amazon conversion rate for products in your storefront can be a daunting task, but an easy way to get more sales is finding and targeting the right keywords on your listings. Keywords are very important with anything that you do on the Internet because everyone uses them as they are searching for what […]

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How to Use Amazon Search Terms More Effectively

Amazon keywords search

Optimizing your full 250 bytes of Amazon search term space is crucial to your product getting discovered by customers, so here are some steps to improve your listing keywords! As a seller, one of the most important things for you to master is Amazon search term optimization. In 2017, Amazon announced that its list of […]

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