New Features for Better Keyword Research & Sponsored Ads Targeting

Helium 10 tools

Cerebro and Black Box have been optimized to give you more streamlined keyword research and sponsored ad targeting options. Helium 10 has beefed up the capabilities of two of our most popular Amazon search tools: Cerebro and Black Box! The data provided to users as well as the interfaces of both tools have been updated […]

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7 Considerations for Better Amazon Keyword Research

amazon keyword research

Whether you’re launching a brand-new product or adding another to your private label roster, performing thorough Amazon keyword research is essential to attracting buyers to your product listing. Part of the process involves picking a main keyword or phrase to target
 for your initial marketing and ranking efforts on Amazon. So the question becomes: how […]

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Use the Powerful Amazon Keyword Tool Combo Cerebro and Frankenstein for Creating Effective Lists

amazon keyword tool

Amazon sellers can create a more precise list of search terms using Cerebro and Frankenstein, Helium 10’s Amazon keyword tool combo. The challenge to find the most relevant keywords is at the forefront of what Amazon sellers need to compete, and Helium 10 has created a killer Amazon keyword tool combo to help sellers create powerful […]

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Find High-Volume Keywords With Magnet 2’s Exact Phrase Search Volume Filter

amazon keyword search

The Amazon keyword search volume for a listing can be significantly tightened by the “exact phrase search volume” filter in Magnet 2.0.  Defining a manageable Amazon keyword search volume is a common struggle for most sellers. Having a list of specificated search terms is a critical component in the search for the ideal keyword. Using […]

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Related Keywords Search made MORE Efficient with Magnet 2.0 “Show Phrases That Contain” Filter

related keywords search

Finding related keywords for Amazon’s products is made that much easier using the “SHOW PHRASES THAT CONTAIN” filter in Magnet 2.0. Searching for related keywords from a single seed word can be a shot in the dark without a good keyword search tool and useful filters to tighten the process. Magnet 2.0 has become a […]

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Dominate Amazon Keywords with Magnet’s Word Count Filter

amazon keywords

Lock down the most relevant Amazon keywords and longtail search terms with the Word Count filter in Magnet — Helium 10’s keyword aggregator tool. Amazon keywords research can be overwhelming and time-consuming for sellers. Finding the right keywords with high search volumes can make all the difference for your product listings. Helium 10’s Magnet tool […]

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Find Better Amazon Keywords With Magnet IQ Score

amazon keywords

The Magnet IQ Score filter helps sellers find strong Amazon keywords that have high search volumes with low competition for better ranking results. The new Magnet 2.0 has gotten a facelift in its ability to help sellers find the best Amazon keywords to target. Magnet now includes more intuitive filters to help users be more […]

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The Most Powerful Keyword Research Tool – Magnet 2.0 by Helium 10

keyword research tool

Magnet 2.0 has been overhauled with new features to create quite possibly the most potent keyword research tool in the world – only offered by Helium 10! We wanted to craft the ultimate Amazon keyword research tool available today, so we tinkered with our classic Magnet tool from our Helium 10 software suite and are happy […]

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Find Private Label Product Ideas with THESE Market Research Methods

private label product ideas

Throughout this Goldmine series, we’ve been discussing new and interesting ways for finding private label product ideas that can actualize your Amazon business. Pinterest, Etsy, Kickstarter, subscription boxes, and life hack blogs are all significant resources that can be used alone or in conjunction with one another to cross-reference product listings or check the demand […]

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How to Track Keyword Ranking on Amazon EVERY HOUR for 10 Days – Helium 10 Keyword Tracker Boost Feature Explained

helium 10 keyword tracker

The new Boost feature for Keyword Tracker by Helium 10 with help sellers track their Amazon keyword rankings Hey Everyone! Do you wish you had a better method to track an Amazon keyword ranking? When sellers launch a new product, they often refresh the page continually to see if any change has occurred with their keyword ranking. […]

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