Prosper Show 2019: Helium 10 Recap and Takeaways

Prosper Show 2019

The Helium 10 team had a blast this year at the Prosper Show 2019, and after it was all over, we realized something: Finding an unexpected $20 bill in one of your pockets… Coming home to find that your significant other cooked your favorite meal… Biting into a double fudge chocolate cookie that’s actually fat-free […]

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Amazon Advertising: 7 Powerful Marketing Options for Sellers

amazon advertising

  If you have yet to utilize the services offered by Amazon Advertising, you are missing out on some great opportunities to grow your product’s awareness within your product niche and beyond. For some time, Amazon has offered PPC ads on its own site for sellers willing to bid more than their competitors for prime […]

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Use the Powerful Amazon Keyword Tool Combo Cerebro and Frankenstein for Creating Effective Lists

amazon keyword tool

Amazon sellers can create a more precise list of search terms using Cerebro and Frankenstein, Helium 10’s Amazon keyword tool combo. The challenge to find the most relevant keywords is at the forefront of what Amazon sellers need to compete, and Helium 10 has created a killer Amazon keyword tool combo to help sellers create powerful […]

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Xray: The Ultimate Sneak-Peak Amazon Product Research Tool

Amazon Product Research Tool

Xray by Helium 10 is by far the most comprehensive Amazon product research tool in existence that partners well with our Black Box tool and provides the hidden data on the products you are looking to sell on Amazon. Xray can be used through the Helium 10 website as stand-alone software or added using the […]

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Amazon Keyword Metrics: Sort Keywords Efficiently in Magnet

Amazon keyword metrics

Amazon keyword metrics in Magnet 2.0, using column headers, help sellers sort through listings more effectively. Usually, when investigating a certain product, sellers rely on a seed word to generate information. The outcome is often a deluge of terms and phrases that aren’t always related to what sellers need. Amazon keyword metrics address this issue […]

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Amazon FBA in 2018: What Sellers Should Know

fulfillment by amazon

Every year there are new opportunities, new challenges, and new costs, and Amazon FBA in 2018 is no exception. With 2018 now in full swing, let’s talk about what is coming this year for Amazon, including the most substantial FBA fee increase to date. How will these changes affect your business? More importantly, what can […]

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6 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Holiday Sales

amazon holiday sales

The holidays can be bittersweet for FBA sellers because their Amazon holiday sales can vary widely. On the one hand, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to boost your sales. On the other hand, it’s also a great opportunity for your competitors to increase their sales. With so many others working to capture shoppers, how […]

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Will There Be New Amazon Seller Restrictions for 2017 Holiday Season?

new amazon seller restrictions

Are there new Amazon seller restrictions coming this year – Yes and No. With the 2017 holiday season so to be upon us, many are worried about new Amazon seller restrictions that occurred last year. Last Tuesday—which happened to be Halloween—thousands of new and veteran Amazon sellers woke up to a “scary” email regarding their Q4 holiday-selling […]

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