5 Costly Facebook Ads Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

facebook ads mistakes

  Everyone’s talking about Facebook ads these days and for good reason. Facebook is possibly one of the most powerful advertising tools ever created; but like any marketing strategy, Facebook ads mistakes can have dire consequences on your campaign as well as your wallet. Why do some Amazon sellers use Facebook ads to crush product […]

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Make More Money & Get Top Ranking with Chatbot Facebook Marketing

facebook marketing

Facebook marketing has really come into its own in the last few years, providing businesses and organizations with an effective means of targeting specific audiences efficiently with sponsored advertisements in user feeds. If you are familiar with the Helium 10 Cerebro Product Ranking (CPR) Method, you know that delivering coupon codes is a necessary step […]

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How to Track an Amazon Coupon Code After a Product Launch

amazon coupon code

Before we get started talking about tracking any Amazon coupon code, I’d like to ask you a question… Do you know how many people who claimed a coupon code during your Amazon product launch or promotion actually used the coupon to make a purchase? If not, then today I’m going to show you how to find that […]

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How to Set Up Facebook Offers To Distribute Amazon Single-Use Coupon Codes

amazon coupon codes

Discover the steps to building Facebook Offers to send *ready to buy* customers from Facebook to your Amazon product listing. Did you know that you could increase your Amazon sales exponentially through something as simple as creating Facebook offers for your product? Howdoes this fit in with Helium 10? You’ve watched how Manny uses Helium […]

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