Get Amazon Competitor Research at a Glance – Helium 10 Chrome Extension

amazon competitor research

Wish you could see where your competitors rank in their categories on Amazon? The Helium 10 Chrome Extention shows what products rank where at a glance! Why spend an exorbitant amount of time and money performing¬†Amazon¬†competitor research when you can get it for FREE! With the Helium 10 Extension installed, you will have access to […]

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How to Remove Unwanted Words to Optimize Amazon Keyword Lists – Helium 10 Cerebro Common Words Feature

optimize amazon keywords

Removing unnecessary terms using the Common Words feature in Cerebro by Helium 10 can help optimize Amazon keyword lists. When compiling your lists of keywords and phrases for your Amazon product listings, you always want to ensure that you optimize Amazon keyword lists as much as possible. Optimization often involves going through massive lists and […]

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