Episode 10 – How Studying Competitor Amazon Reviews Can Reveal Valuable Customer Insight

competitors Amazon reviews for customer insights

Find out how meticulously studying competitor Amazon reviews, both good AND bad, can uncover significant customer insights that you can use to create a listing that engages potential buyers and develop a product that is better than your competition’s product! In the competitive Amazon landscape, sellers need every edge they can get to attract customers […]

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3 New Black Box Modes for Better Product Research

product research

Get more precise product research results with the new and improved Marketplace, Competitors, and Niches tabs in Black Box! When we first released Black Box for Helium 10, we were pleasantly surprised by the warm reception the powerhouse Amazon product research tool received. Today we would like to introduce the world to our own Black […]

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Compare Competitor Keywords for More Accurate Results

helium 10 cerebro

Cerebro has been vastly improved to make your keyword research efforts much easier by adding the option to compare competitor keywords to your own ASIN! We’ve been tinkering with Cerebro, our popular reverse ASIN lookup tool in the Helium 10 suite and have added a feature that we know you will love! With the new […]

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