Amazon Search Terms Controversy: Should You Be Worried?

amazon search terms algorithm

The Amazon search terms algorithm has turned into more of an “Amazon search shuffle,” providing sellers with different data across different locations and browsers. There seems to be something fishy going on with the Amazon search terms algorithm, giving people different data. Lately, we’ve been getting questions about differences in Amazon search terms data from […]

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Removing the Mystery of the Amazon Algorithm: Part 2 with Tips to Improve Your Listings

improve amazon listing

Common sense tips to help the Amazon algorithm drive traffic to your products. In a recent post for the Helium 10 blog, we took a look at the not-so-mysterious Amazon algorithm because many sellers mistakenly blame the “capricious coding” for their respective sales variances and underperformance. The reality is that various iterations of the Amazon […]

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Supercharge Your Sales: A Seller’s Guide to Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO

We’ve put together for you a comprehensive guide that not only explains how Amazon’s search engine works, but the specific methods and tools we’re using today to help our clients optimize their listings and crush it on Amazon. […]

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