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The Serious Sellers Club

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Terms & Conditions

The Serious Sellers Club award will be given to Helium 10 users who have hit the following tiers: $100K, $1MM, and $10MM in annual revenue within the last 12 months from today’s date (ie: from March 2021 to March 2022). Users who are selling on both Amazon and can apply to a tier based on their combined revenue from both marketplaces, as long as both MWS tokens are connected and enabled.

Applicants must be a paid member of Helium 10, and apply using the same email address associated with their Helium 10 account. All Helium 10 members must have their MWS token linked and Profits enabled from their Amazon account and if applicable, Walmart account in order to apply.

Those who are not Helium 10 members but are at six, seven, or eight figure revenues on Amazon can sign up for a paid Helium 10 plan and link their Amazon and Walmart MWS tokens. You must be a Helium 10 paid member for 2 of the last 12 months to be eligible for the Serious Sellers Club.

Helium 10 celebrates the success of Serious Sellers Club members with physical awards available at our tradeshows and regional events, swag, exclusive invites, and discounts. US based members have the option to receive a physical award by mail upon request.

Applications will be processed on a monthly basis by Helium 10 once MWS tokens are validated