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Below you will find in-depth tutorials on how to use the different elements of each Helium 10 tool and how to apply them to your Amazon FBA business.

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Our industry-leading Helium 10 Chrome extension has multiple tools that provide a wealth of highly accurate data you can trust without even needing a paid Helium 10 membership! Tools in the Helium 10 Chrome extension include


A powerful Amazon product research tool that provides statistical data on over 450 million active Amazon products!

ASIN Grabber

Discover which competing 100+ products are ranking for your desired keywords!

Profitability Calculator

See the statistics you need to know to be profitable selling a specific kind of product!

Inventory Level

Check how much stock your competitors have and when they might run out!

Review Downloader

Find out what customers are saying about your competitors to more efficiently find ways to improve your own product!


Want to find the best products to sell on Amazon? Black Box lets you search our database of over 450 million active Amazon products to find potential selling opportunities!


Amazon and Google Trends in one place! Find out how certain products have performed in sales and growth over time to spot profitable trends!


Experience the most powerful Amazon keyword research tool on the planet! Enter a keyword or keyword phrase into Magnet to receive hundreds if not thousands of potential keywords to optimize your listing!


We have created the most powerful reverse ASIN tool ever developed. With Cerebro, you can see all of the keywords that you and all your competitors are ranking for! Discover competitor keyword secrets by seeing where they are on page 1 compared to you!


Need to whittle down your massive collection of keywords into a more comprehensible list? Import thousands of keyword phrases into Frankenstein to weed out duplicates, common words, and unnecessary single letters. With multiple filters and the ability to see each keyword or phrase line by line, it’s much easier to see you keyword list efficiently!


Take your newly-created keyword list in Frankenstein and import it directly into Scribbles to create a fully optimized Amazon listing without missing a keyword! The modular Scribbles system subtracts a keyword from your imported list once it is used in your listing copy. If you change your mind and delete the keyword from your copy, it goes right back to your keyword list!


One of the first tools of its kind, Index Checker takes your keyword list and tells you which ones your product is currently indexed for on Amazon! You also get the added bonus of seeing under which Amazon index your product is paired with since Amazon now has separate indexes.


Need to know where your product stands in the rankings for important keywords? Keyword Tracker provides your current ranking for all indexed keywords, and even gives you the option to check your ranking every hour with Boost!


Don’t wait to discover someone else has jumped onto your listing and hijacked the buy box from you until it’s too late! You can rest easy knowing that Hijacker Alert will send you a message so you can respond quickly!


Ready to launch your product with a giveaway coupon like in the CPR Method? Use Inventory Protector to make sure no one abuses your coupon codes by automatically restricting the number of coupons a buyer can use per item.


Did you know that it’s possible, maybe even LIKELY, that Amazon owes you hundreds or thousands of dollars from damaged products, unreturned products, and more? See if Amazon owes you a refund, then easily retrieve your funds with Refund Genie!


Profits gives a bird’s eye view of your Amazon business’ real take-home profit. To provide the most accurate profit status possible, the tool factors in total revenue and costs of all types to present real margins in different time intervals such as daily, weekly, monthly, and more.

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