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Relaunch Amazon Products: How to Give Your Listing a Second Wind

Would you ever relaunch Amazon products? If your Amazon product listing is not pulling in the organic traffic or sales you were hoping for, you may want to.

Keyword Product Launches in Q4 2018: What’s Changed?

Bradley Sutton provides the most up-to-date info based on 62 different keyword product launches that he did from October 2018 to December 2018.

10 Deadly Product Launch Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Even if you've done everything to prepare your Amazon product listing, there are still product launch mistakes that can block your item from higher ranking.

Was Product Launch Strategy Easier in the Old Days?

Part 1 of 3: Helium 10 team member Bradley Sutton discusses his experiences in product launch strategy as it used to be and how it is evolving today.

The Status of Amazon Product Launches: Are They Valid?

There's much confusion & disinformation going around the Amazon seller community regarding product launches; Helium 10 aims to clear it up for new sellers.

How to Improve Conversions with Pickfu A/B Testing Tool

Use Pickfu, an A/B testing tool for images, to get real demographics data on the best thumbnail to use for your Amazon listing prior to product launch!

How To Create Amazon Facebook Ads for Killer Product Launches

You can create powerful Amazon Facebook ads for your products and increase your conversion rate significantly by coupling them with the Helium 10 CPR Method.

How to Do a New Product Launch the RIGHT WAY!

Having trouble making a new product launch work on Amazon? Check out our CPR method of launching new products successfully and the 5 common launch mistakes!