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As you may know, we recently acquired full rights to “Freedom Ticket”, one of the very best Amazon Training courses in the space.

Also as you are probably aware of, Freedom Ticket is still a $997 course (anybody can buy it today for that price), but we make this incredible 8-week course available to you at no additional cost as one of our valued plan members.

We do this because we know that an educated seller has a higher likelihood of becoming a successful seller.

It’s just one of the many ways we help you succeed with your business.

We also know that there are many different ways to tackle challenges in business, and for that reason we feel that getting additional training from other perspectives may be beneficial to you.

So we created a list of recommended courses outside of Freedom Ticket, and posted them here.

Unfortunately, we quickly found out that it is impossible to vet and police all of the courses in the space, the people behind those courses, or the marketing tactics behind such companies.

There are certainly good courses available, some of them created by people who I’m lucky to consider my friends; but we’ve come to learn that there are also unscrupulous course makers that steer users to strategies that almost never work or tactics that may get them suspended.

For that reason, we are no longer recommending any courses other than the Freedom Ticket course.

We encourage you to use our Facebook group to ask questions if you’re looking to buy another course.

What you have now is a $997 course taught by respected leaders in our space, using rock-solid strategies that give you the best chance for success.

And we’re always updating and adding training modules to Freedom Ticket — pretty much every month!

Always check back, because it get’s better with time.

In my opinion, there’s no better value on the market today. The best tools, the best training, and the best community all in one place.

Here’s to helping you rise to the top!


Manny Coats
Founder, Helium 10

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